Furniture That Might Go Bump in the Night

  • Furniture That Might Go Bump in the Night

      October 28, 2014     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    In the spirit of Halloween, I found some furniture pieces sure to bring a chill to your spine, possibly furrow a brow, induce a giggle or two or just leave you wondering what type of medication the designer was on. […]
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  • You Live in a…What??

      October 21, 2014     Blog     0 Comment(s)

      Some homeowners and designers are turning this… into these…         Stunning, high end homes are being constructed using retired shipping containers. Individual containers tend to cost, on average, around $2,000. They are about 20-30 feet long […]
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  • BOO!!!

      October 14, 2014     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    It’s that time of year again. Now-a-days Halloween seems as popular as Christmas. Decorating our homes for the wonderfully fun and goulish occasion has become an important tradition. We have included some cute and creepy decorating ideas you might like for […]
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  • Monochromatic Design

      September 29, 2014     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    I’ve had a tough time today deciding on what to blog about.  It’s something I thought about all weekend but I just couldn’t find the right inspiration until I came across this picture. Rooms like these are cringe worthy, for sure, […]
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  • Autumn is a Wonderful Time of Year

      September 22, 2014     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    Ahhh, Autumn. This time of year is a favorite for so many people. The days get a little shorter, the nights a little longer, and the air a little cooler.  We say good-bye to summer and hello to our favorite […]
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  • What is Contemporary Interior Design?

      September 15, 2014     Blog     0 Comment(s)

    Today’s contemporary interior design is characterized by clean lines and smooth surfaces without elaborate details. Contemporary interiors can still feel warm and inviting, unlike a lot of modern or minimalist style interiors. Today’s contemporary style combines comfortable and livable everyday […]
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  • Copper- A Hot Design Trend for 2014

      September 8, 2014     Blog     2 Comment(s)

    Copper has been around for centuries. Why the current new appeal? Maybe it has something to do with its’ natural antiseptic properties. That’s right. Due to copper’s natural intrinsic properties, it has the ability to destroy a wide range of […]
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  • Living, Breathing Wall

      August 25, 2014     Blog, Uncategorized     0 Comment(s)

    Yes you heard me right, a wall that lives and breathes. How is that possible? Living walls are also known as green walls, bioboards, biowalls, ecowalls, or vertical gardens. They can be grown outdoors on the side of a building […]
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  • How do I Design a Custom Piece of Furniture?

      August 18, 2014     Blog, Uncategorized     0 Comment(s)

    I have been asked how I go about designing custom pieces of furniture. There are many factors that guide my design process, most importantly, I consider how the piece of furniture will be used. My client’s lifestyle influences the materials […]
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  • Contemporary Custom Breakfast Table

      June 23, 2014     Blog, Uncategorized     0 Comment(s)

    As a finishing touch to a kitchen remodel for very special clients, I designed a custom breakfast table for their new kitchen.  For a very sophisticated look, I used rift sawn oak for the kitchen cabinets which has a beautiful […]
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